March 12, 2012
 Posted by Luth

Flash Review: Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls Yagyu Jubei by Alter

Jubei was actually an old purchase and an even older figure but I figured it’d be a good time to visit old pastures with a Flash Review! Jubei comes from the Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls series by Hobby Japan and although the anime has ended the steady stream of merchandise still flows strong. We missed her first release in late 2009 and was only just able to catch her August 2010 re-release.

Jubei was the first figure of the Hyakko Ryoran Samurai Girls franchise and originally released in 2009 by Alter. There is an anime linked above but I’m not going recommend it as I thought it was nothing special. Anwyay Jubei turned out to be very popular and got a rerelease in 2010, which we barely managed to get in on.

Since then Alter has come out with 5 other of the girls, we’ve got Hattori Hanzo and Senhime here. Also, other figure manufacturers have made different figures of the girls in various poses and outfits.

I think one of my favorite things about Jubei is her color scheme. That red hair and pink outfit with orange, white, and black highlights makes for a pleasing palette. Is it just me or is soft pink an awesome color for figures? I love Jubei’s outfit, at the base its just a schoolgirl outfit sans a bottom and for such a simple concept, that’s awesome. I love how Alter made all the Samurai Girls curvy and with some meat. I love Jubei’s pose as well, that sassy salute makes me want to salute her back whenever I see her.

On top of that they’ve added lots of ropes. Ropes in her hair, chest, arms, legs, back, everywhere! The ropes are superbly detailed, especially the ones on her back have some kind of weathering to make them look more realistic. On her legs, you can even see how the rope pinches them slightly. The swords on her legs are awesome with really nice detailing. One mystery is how her swords attach to her legs. She has ropes on her thighs but they don’t really wrap around the swords or anything, the swords just kind of float there. But oh well, laws of anime I suppose.

Looking at her back, we get a delicious look at her panties and the full extent of all those ropes on her back. Right below the ropes is a little drum. Wait, where did that come from? Who cares, it looks cool. As opposed to the rest of the figure the red ropes on the drum are actual string. Someone actually had to loop and tightly wrap that string around the drum. Impressive.

The one issue I have with her character design is her ankles. On first glance, she’s got nice long legs but if you look closely where her shin-guard thingys taper for her ankles, and then they start flaring out again before her actual foot.. what? Somehow, along with her large sandals, it makes her feet look freakishly big, even though they’re actually normal sized. Thankfully, you can’t notice it as much from her preferred front-on viewing angle.

But all in all, Jubei was a great purchase and was very much worth the trouble to get her. Out of all the Jubei figures released so far, this one has to be my favorite. She was last released in August 2010 and no longer in the major Japanese retailers. In the secondary market she seems to be in fairly high demand and prices were around 9000 yen in the last Mandarake listing. We happened to get her from a local retailer in Australia, Tamarket, who have also sold out of her. There are tons of other reviews of Yagyu Jubei out there if you want to read proper reviews, here’s a couple:
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15 comments on “Flash Review: Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls Yagyu Jubei by Alter”

  1. Fabienne Reply

    It was funny that Jubei and Hattori were released before the anime aired, some people tend not to buy anime related figures if they don’t know about the origin, but the top notch samurai meets anime fashion design and the dynamic poses speak for themself. At first I was so offended as I saw Hattori in the anime, an uptight masochist *omg* but later on I started to like her XD

    This Jubei is a nice one, good that you could take the rerelease, she’s not my favorite Hyakka Ryouran figure from Alter, but lovely nevertheless. The pose as well as the detailed outfit make her stand out. Also hair and face expression are really well done.

    Her revealed backside is damn sexy, I really like it,but Im not sure about the slightly revealed front, to me it looks more like she forgot her skirt than sexy. They should have made the shirt a little longer at the front or even shorter haha ^^. The main reason I didn’t bought her myself back then, was the massive rope knot at her backside. Today Im not that bothered by it anymore :D

    4,7 and 9 are really nice pictures, is that real bokeh there? on first look I can’t tell.
    Fabienne recently posted..New Preorders part 11

  2. Luth Reply

    It seems like Hobby Japan have figured out that really awesome character designs sell themselves, I mean look at Queen’s Blade. When I was watching the anime, it was bad enough that I kinda disconnected it from my figures and the character, especially Hanzo. Glad that they released the character designs and figures before the anime.

    Jubei is really nice, her colors stand out really well from the other Samurai Girls and you can’t lose with that pose. At first I was like, what, shes got no pants but I quickly rationalized it with more leg = good.

    Thanks! Yup, that’s real bokeh, and yup, my lens is that bad. The sun was shining straight through the tree and man, it took a decent amount of processing to get that photo to look OK. Actually, I probably should have tried popping my flash or bringing a reflector, lessons for next time.

    • Wieselhead Reply

      Haha well Iike these ecchi action anime shows, but Hyakka Ryouran had more flaws than the usual show of that genre, aside from that I could enjoy parts of it quite a lot :p

      Overall its a lovely outfit and she is wearing her short shirt with pride, at least.

      Oh wow cool lens, I wish mine would provide me with so many blinky spots in the bokeh :)
      Nah, it turned out as a very good picture in the end, I really think its good.
      Wieselhead recently posted..New Preorders part 11

      • Luth Reply

        Haha, well, I suppose it wasn’t THAT bad, I actually managed to make it through all of it.

        I suppose since it’s an old lens it doesn’t have as many anti-glare and anti-flare or whatever coatings so that might be why the sparkles show up nicer. Just the bokeh shape is horrible. Thanks!

  3. Miette-chan Reply

    I love this figure, how I wish I owned it. It saddens me that I did not have money to buy her both when she was released and her re-release, heck I missed her even when she on sale for a while on AmiAmi.

    I think Jubei is the one I like the most of the line, I was interesting in her before I even knew where she was from. I really like the stylized mix of traditional looking Japanese clothes and a modern sailor uniform.

    • Luth Reply

      Ohno! We almost didn’t make it for her rerelease as well due to finances but was lucky to get her at the end. She was on sale at AmiAmi!? Damn….

      I really like how Samurai Girls does that mix of styles so well. We actually started collecting after Jubei’s original release but she was still all the rage at the time. I think my favorite has to be Hanzo, I saw a video review and wanted her and then saw Fabienne’s review and really wanted her but by that time she was sold out everywhere and then began a half-year quest to get her so I suppose there’s a lot of nostalgia attached that makes her hard to beat.

  4. exilehero Reply

    This figure is very appealing in so many levels for me. She has a really cute and pretty face and those blue eyes really stand out.

    I tend to like girls with a little meat on them and she hits that note exactly. The cheeks, the perky breasts, the waist the abs the thighs the legs all are marvelously sculpted. She’s damn hot!

    This figure was kinda before my time so I never really got the chance to consider buying her. I also haven’t really seen the anime so maybe that contributes to me not really having a huge urge to track her down.

    I never noticed the ankles before, they do look kinda weird now that you mentioned it. Though I think the feet look fine.

    • Luth Reply

      Its cool that all the Samurai Girls have some meat, but Jubei definitely highlights all the assets nicely with her pose and her color scheme is really nice too! Aww, the thing is the show is so terrible it might turn you off even more!

  5. Nopy Reply

    I love the way her blue eyes stand out, especially considering the rest of her is red. Her ankles do look a bit weird, but I think overall she looks great. I thought about getting Jubei, but I had way too many figures on order back then.
    Nopy recently posted..Nisemonogatari Review

    • Luth Reply

      She has a great color scheme that really stands out in a collection. Yeah, the ankles are pretty minor when compared to how amazing the rest of her looks. Aww that’s too bad! It seems a lot of people still want her, I wonder if Alter will ever do a 3rd rerelease especially considering how Jubei figures are still being made now.

  6. Amy Alexander Reply

    More and more people are getting hooked into toy photography. I can’t blame them because I also find it fun to do. It’s nice that they can get other pleasure aside from playing with their toys. I must say, those shots are great!
    Amy Alexander recently posted..Sales Summer Intern

    • Luth Reply

      Thanks! I love taking photos of my figures, you always seem to appreciate and bond with them more. That being said, my other half photographs roughly half the figures so I sometimes feel I miss out on those.

  7. Tier Reply

    I like this figure a lot, though I have the feeling a lot of people like it a lot more than I do. I have to admit that I’m less fond of her color scheme, though over time I think I’ve come to like her overall look more than I initially did. She also has the considerable baggage of her anime characterization to overcome; I was quite horrified when I watched the anime and found out that she’s a mentally-immature girl who wants to shag her brother. Or at least, that’s what she seemed to be in the first episode.
    Tier recently posted..ER Nurse Miyuu from the Daydream Collection (NSFW)

    • Luth Reply

      The best figures are the ones that get better over time, at least she hasn’t faded and made you want to sell her. Ugh, the anime. I forgot about the incest part of it, I must have blocked that part out. Jubei doesn’t get any better but at least she has an alternate personality that is pretty badass. The first episode wasn’t tootoo bad, I wouldn’t ruin the images of your figures by trying to watch the rest of it though, especially Kanetsugu. Ugh.

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